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Sunrise MBB modules will be launched soon


Sunrise MBB modules will be launched soon

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In March, Sunrise's large-size series went into mass production, which means that Sunrise officially enters the PV 4.0 era with 400W output power as the starting point. While the entire industry chain has been further affected, many companies have been optimizing production lines and making technological innovation.

With the PV development to the present stage, the industry needs more efficient products that can truly reduce LCOE. In the past few years, 5BB cell technology still dominates, but the industry pioneers have already set their sights on MBB technology. Sunrise is no exception. Facing the patent or efficiency pressure and in order to get better power output, it tries to apply MBB technology to improve the reliability of modules.

Compared with conventional modules, MBB technology can reduce the resistance loss of the fine busbars, improve the cell efficiency, and then increase the power by 5-10W. And MBB technology can greatly reduce the consumption of silver paste and reduce the cost of electricity. MBB modules are less prone to cracks and broken busbars so they have higher reliability. The half-cell technology is the preferred direction for the new production line. Combined with MBB technology, it will make module power a greater breakthrough.

In the second half of the year, Sunrise will mainly promote the products equipped with MBB technology, and they will be able to meet you soon.