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Sunrise photovoltaic power station project for the development of intelligent photovoltaic solutions, covering a variety of application scenarios. Through equipment optimization, system optimization and intelligent interconnection, KWH cost is further reduced.

Sunrise photovoltaic selected excellent photovoltaic core equipment - Sunrise photovoltaic efficient components, the industry's first-class inverter and quality auxiliary materials. High reliability of the product portfolio, only to create higher value.

Sunrise photovoltaic through hardware end optimization matching and software end algorithm integration, improve power generation and system stability, reduce BOS material consumption, so as to effectively reduce the KWH cost. At the same time, one-stop solutions to reduce the procurement process, improve the overall service efficiency.

By means of edge computing of equipment end, intelligent interconnection of digital operation and maintenance management system and cloud platform, haoyu photovoltaic deeply excavates, analyzes and processes complex operation and maintenance data, optimizes operation mode, and guarantees the stability and efficiency of the system.

Sunrise Photovoltaic System

"Sunrise" is jiangsu Sunrise photovoltaic technology co., LTD. 's household distributed photovoltaic power generation system.

System Composition:

A-class solar panels   First-line brand grid-connected inverter   High quality distribution box   Photovoltaic stents 

Pv cable     Complementary material     One-stop installation service     Quality assurance services

Six Reason To Choose Sunrise

Low risk

The stock market investment has the risk of loss, P2P and other financial management has the risk of runaway, photovoltaic investment, inherent assets visible.

High yield

The one-year maturity of bank deposits is about 2%, while that of money funds such as yu 'ebao is only 3%. Only photovoltaic investment income is 12-20%, which is safe and stable.


When you see the photovoltaic modules on your roof, your neighbors will envy you

Enough power

Its own power generation for its own use, zhaoyangbao system can cover the average household for a day of electricity. An investment, you can guarantee more than 25 years of electricity.

Green low carbon

Today, the haze is more and more serious, choose photovoltaic power generation back to clean the sky.

Government support

The state has continuously issued new policies on pv, aiming to encourage the development of distributed power stations in various regions.